MultiPac™ is designed to maximize uptime and user friendliness — allowing store personnel to spend more time on other important tasks, and your customers to return their empties more quickly and begin shopping. MultiPac™ accepts cans, refillable and non-refillable glass and PET bottles, as well as crates.

MultiPac™ is a highly efficient backroom solution that revolutionizes the process of returning and handling empties, for both customers and store personnel.

While other backroom systems stop during bin exchange, MultiPac™ continues to run due to the re-routing ability. When a bin is emptied or cleaned, containers are re-routed to the next bin allowing the machine to always run if operated correctly. For the customer, this means they never experience stops while returning used beverage containers. For store personnel, this means they can more easily plan when to empty the bins.

Key Features


While other backroom systems stop during bin exchange, MultiPac continues to run. It also has a smart re-routing function, so that when a bin is full or cleaning needs to be done, containers are simply re-routed to another bin. These features ensure good customer service as the system is “always up,” and reduces stress as personnel can plan bin emptying independent of full-bin alerts.


MultiPac can be configured to meet most volume requirements. As MultiPac is scalable, it allows from 1 up to 7 cabinets and can accept non-refillable glass, PET and/or cans, as well as crates and refillable glass and PET bottles. The solution offers high volume and customer capacity as it can be fed from two front-end machines simultaneously.


The operations indicators on MultiPac are gathered in a prominent panel. These clearly stand out and are easy to interpret, enhancing the operation and saving time for personnel. Lights guide the operator to the area where attention is needed.