EasyPac™ is building on TOMRA’s award-winning intuitive and functional design. The space-efficient EasyPac™ is the perfect fit for TOMRA’s front-end machines based on TOMRA Flow Technology™. Together they represent the next generation of reverse vending solutions, taking full advantage of the unique benefits of the groundbreaking TOMRA Flow Technology™ — smarter, cleaner, faster.

EasyPac™ comes in three main layouts, all of which provide a complete backroom solution for sorting, transport, compaction and accumulation of empty beverage containers. Half and full pallets can be mixed in one single system based on the volumes of each container type, to minimize the time spent on bin emptying.

EasyPac’s full-bin sensor prevents the bins from overfilling. When a bin is full or during emptying, EasyPac’s re-routing function can divert containers to an alternative bin, to keep the system running and assure high up-time.

The system can also handle packaging of various forms and shapes — allowing the opportunity to take back other types of empty packaging should the need arise in the future. The EasyPac™ system is also easily expandable if the return volume at your store increases.

Key Features


  • From 1 up to 5 cabinets
  • 1 x 1/1 pallet or 2 x ½ pallets (a mix is possible)
  • One or two compactors, dedicated material type or commingled
  • Optional SoftDrop safe-landing unit or table for refillables
  • Easy to expand at a later stage if your volume or container mix changes


  • Easy and intuitive to use, based on TOMRA’s award-winning functional
  • Fast and easy to clean
  • Significantly reduced need for any bin handling before final emptying (less shaking down necessary)


  • Faster – instant reading and no stops
  • Cleaner – reduced need for cleaning and easier to clean
  • Smarter- handles containers other technologies can’t and assures a system made to combat the most advanced fraud intentions
  • Bin emptying without system stops if two bins take same material type